Safety & Self-Care Resources

Spotting and Avoiding Bad Management

How to avoid dodgy operations: A comprehensive guide on how to avoid bad agencies, porn companies, dungeons, brothels, strip clubs and cam sites. This resource was put together by SWOP-USA members based on our own experiences.

For People Considering Adult Film Work: Tips and Things to Consider

Things to think about when you’re considering adult work, as well as information about your workers’ rights, and tips for staying safe and away from exploitative or illegal offers.

Health Guide for Adult Film Performers

As an adult film performer, YOU are the #1 advocate for your health. In the industry, you may be faced with situations that put your health at risk. We’ve gathered some tips you can use to empower yourself to make the most informed decisions for your health.

Screening 101

How to screen clients. For escorts, pro-doms & subs, fetish workers, and generally… independent, indoor workers in the adult industry

Screening Tips for Adult Film/Porn Performers

Advice on how to distinguish between legitimate, legal adult film work and dodgy, illegal, possibly dangerous offers

Online Adult Work Communities

A list of discussion forums where you can get advice from other folks doin’ what you’re doin!

Resources: Dealing With Stolen Photos, Videos & Text

There is literally nothing more infuriating than having your web content stolen. Here are some ideas and links that might help you respond.

18 Things Every Adult Worker Should Know

Written by Mistress Matisse, these are 18 tips that holistically address well-being in the adult biz. They apply to everyone from pro-doms to pro-subs, dancers to call girls (and boys). 

Health & Safety FAQs for Sex Workers

Oodles of wisdom on health, safety, and self-care for escorts, pro-doms and subs, rent-boys, strippers, adult film workers, and street-based sex workers.

Making Money In the Mainstream Economy

A Help­ Guide for Transitioning from the Adult Biz into Mainstream Work

The Shit We Just Shouldn’t Put Up With

So – as adult workers, we seem to get a disproportionate amount of crap about our work…and this makes it really, really easy to rationalize our partners’ bad behavior. So here’s some shit we just shouldn’t put up with!

Tricks of the Trade

Health and safety advice primarily for street-based workers, but useful for anyone working in the adult entertainment industry


Trade Secrets

By far the most comprehensive –across the industry — knowledge, advice, and information guide – online, in 13 Chapters.

Porn 101

By the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, this is a fantastic “101” video (featuring some of your favorite porn stars) on things to consider when considering adult film work, how to get into the industry, and more.

Hook Online – Resources for Male Sex Workers

Great tips on staying safe and financially secure for male porn actors, escorts, strippers, street-workers, and other sex workers.

We Got This! Volume One: Safe Calls, Screening and Buddy Systems for Sex Workers

Awesome ‘zine on different ways people working in the adult industry stay safe!

Occupational Health & Safety Handbook (2010)

Developed by the St. James Infirmary, This handbook is a must-have for sex workers and our allies in the community! The first half of the book is devoted to harm reduction, health, safety and legal rights (for every type of adult work you could imagine), and the second half has information for 720 local, national and international resources relevant to the lives of sex workers.

Support and Advice for Escorts

We absolutely adore this UK-Based discussion forum, run by and for escorts. In their own words: “SAAFE was created by a few very ‘normal’ women who just happen to get paid to spend time with men, women, and couples. is run by women with a wealth of experience to share with others. We offer unbiased advice from those doing the job already, all with your interests at heart and that includes guidance on how to get yourself out of escorting if you feel it’s not right for you. So get yourself a coffee and make yourself comfortable as you explore our different pages.”

We Are Dancers (NYC) – Know Your Rights!

As dancers, many of us think we have no legal rights, whether because we work off the books or because we are afraid that people won’t take us seriously. But dancers have legal rights like other workers. Here’s what you should know!

Safety Advice for Sex Workers in the UK

While written for UK sex workers, most of this resource applies in the US as well.

Sorted Men – For Men Involved in the Sex Trade

Wonderful, in-depth resource for male sex workers.

How To Be an Ex-Porn Star: 10 Tips on Taking a Break 

By APAC VP Conner Habib, gives advice on how to take a break from adult film.

Important Phone Numbers 

  • Sex Worker Warmline: 1-877-776-2004
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
  • National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
  • National Rape Crisis Line: 1.800.656.HOPE